Wire race ball bearings are crucial in usages requiring high-speed and precision movement, like robotics and medical equipment. They feature wire raceways for smooth motion and reduced friction. Constructed with lightweight materials such as aluminum, they offer durability, strength, and extended service life in varied industrial settings.
Double Ball Bearing
Double ball bearings are crucial for usages needing both axial and radial load support like electric motors and automotive wheels. Their design comprises two rows of balls for enhanced load-bearing capacity. Constructed from high-quality steel, they provide durability, reliability, and extended service life in demanding environments.
Radial Ball Bearing
Radial ball bearings, like the Deep Groove type made of EN 31 material, are essential for various applications requiring radial load support. Their design features deep raceways for smooth operation. Constructed from durable EN 31 steel, they offer strength, reliability, and extended service life in diverse industrial settings.
Eccentric Tapered Roller Bearing
Eccentric tapered roller bearings are crucial for usages requiring shaft adjustment, like textile machinery. Their design features an eccentric inner ring for precise alignment. Constructed from durable steel or alloy, they offer strength and reliability. Meticulous finishing ensures smooth operation, longevity, and optimal performance in demanding industrial environments.

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